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Past Events:


Dec 28-29: C5 Arena/Brooks Roping


2/1/20: Reedsburg Roping

2/29 and 3/1: C5/Brooks Roping

3/8/20: Breakaway Roping

3/28/20 - Breakaway/Round Robin Postponed due to COVID 19

5/23/20: Brooks Arena Breakaway/Team Roping

5/30/20: C5 Breakaway/Team Roping

6/5/20: Rocking H Team Roping/Novice

6/6-6/7: Brooks Arena Roping

6/12/20: Rocking H Roping

6/19 and 6/20: Rocking H Team Roping

6/21: Rocking H Breakaway/Calf Roping

6/27: C5 Breakaway/Calf Roping and Team Roping

7/4: Highland Rodeo Jackpot

7/11-7/12: Brooks Roping in Sparta

7/18: Breakaway and Calf Roping C5

7/24-7/25: Rocking H Arena Breakaway and Calf Roping

8/1: Breakaway and Calf Roping: C5 Arena

Future Events:

8/22: C5 Event- Calf Roping and Breakaway

8/28-29: Rockin H Team Roping

8/30: Rocking H Arena Calf Roping and Breakaway

9/11-12: Rocking H Team Roping

9/13: Rocking H Calf Roping and Breakaway

9/26: C5 Event: Flyer to come

9/27: Southwest Equestrian Center Calf Roping and Breakaway

10/3-10/4: Team Roping WRA Finals - JB Ranch

10/17: C5 Calf/Breakaway Finals: TBD

Upcoming Roping Flyers